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Let me first welcome you to the website of the Federation of ASIAN Motorcycle Industries (FAMI). FAMI, as IMMA member, represents the manufacturing industry, and is federating 7 key manufacturing countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Together these countries account for an annual production of nearly 15 million motorcycles.

South East Asia (SEA), counts approximately 700 Million inhabitants, which is one tenth of the worldwide population. Estimating the regional motorcycle fleet above 150 Million number in these 7 countries, one or more motorcycles in a household is extremely common. Thanks to their small size and associated freedom of movement in crowded urban environments, low economic cost, ease of parking and low environmental impact providing an important source of personal mobility.

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The Current Status of E-scooter (swapping battery) Development in Taiwan

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In terms of the market share of E-scooters equipped with the swapping battery system, the government of IDB (Industrial Development Bureau) originally plans to adopt the specification of GOGORO for the unified Standard Level. And the GOGORO also announce to be pleasure to release its patent of Electric Controlling System for other makers. But the KYMCO have launched another swapping system, namely “ionex” on March 2018. “ionex” is a kind of “IoT (Internet of Things)” like system, it provides the...

Taiwan Air Pollution Control Act Amendment

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It is estimated the exhausted emission by 2-stroke motorcycle and the old big-heavy diesel engine truck is 2.6% and 16%...

Cooperation in Intellectual Property Infringement Projects of Motorcycle Manufacturers in Thailand

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Intellectual Property infringement is one of the global...

MDPPA Partners with TESDA on Industry Workers’ Competency And Capacity Building

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The current Philippine Development Plan recognizes workers’ skills and competence to be at the core of improving employment...