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Let me first welcome you to the website of the Federation of ASIAN Motorcycle Industries (FAMI). FAMI, as IMMA member, represents the manufacturing industry, and is federating 7 key manufacturing countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Together these countries account for an annual production of nearly 15 million motorcycles.

South East Asia (SEA), counts approximately 700 Million inhabitants, which is one tenth of the worldwide population. Estimating the regional motorcycle fleet above 150 Million number in these 7 countries, one or more motorcycles in a household is extremely common. Thanks to their small size and associated freedom of movement in crowded urban environments, low economic cost, ease of parking and low environmental impact providing an important source of personal mobility.

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Activities of Private Motorcycle scout team After the Heavy Rain Event of July 2020

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Yufu City, Oita Prefecture and Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture were severely affected by the heavy rain during July 2020. The Yufu Motorcycle scout team and Hida Takayama Motorcycle scout team, private volunteer organizations, dispatched members to local disaster sites and engaged in collecting information such as on the state of damage to roads. The Yufu Motorcycle scout team also helped in investigating the safety of elderly individuals in stranded villages. The Hida Takayama Motorcycle scout...

Malaysia Automotive and Robotic IoT Institute (MARii) invited MASAAM members

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Malaysia Automotive and Robotic IoT Institute (MARii) invited MASAAM members to attend meetings as follows via ZOOM under National Automotive Policy...

Ascension of the New King of Philippine Roads

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As the economy grinds to a snail pace, motorcycles briskly ply the empty streets.

It was a time when the world stood still. ...

Discussion For Module Implementation Development Testing Product And Component For Motorcycle For Preparation Of Implementation Motorcycle NCAP

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