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Let me first welcome you to the website of the Federation of ASIAN Motorcycle Industries (FAMI). FAMI, as IMMA member, represents the manufacturing industry, and is federating 7 key manufacturing countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Together these countries account for an annual production of nearly 15 million motorcycles.

South East Asia (SEA), counts approximately 700 Million inhabitants, which is one tenth of the worldwide population. Estimating the regional motorcycle fleet above 150 Million number in these 7 countries, one or more motorcycles in a household is extremely common. Thanks to their small size and associated freedom of movement in crowded urban environments, low economic cost, ease of parking and low environmental impact providing an important source of personal mobility.

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AHM Mudik Bareng Honda of Eid Festival 2019

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Jakarta - PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has continuedMudik Bareng (Exodus Trip) with Honda program for its consecutive 14 years, as part of the tradition and celebration of Ied-Al Fitri 1440 H. This year, AHM accompanied 2,530 of Hondacustomers for exodus trip, back to their hometown to visit their beloved family.

There were three routes for this year exodustrip: 1) Jakarta-Yogyakarta, 2) Jakarta-Semarang and 3) Jakarta-Solo routes. They were all departed from the AHM office, Sunter, North Jakarta...

Government Regulation No. 45/2019: Government Gives Tax Incentives for Investment in the Following Sectors

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With consideration to encourage investment in labour-intensive industries, support employment creation programs and the absorption...

President Decree No. 55/2019 concerning the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle Program

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With consideration to provide direction, foundation, and legal certainty in the implementation of the acceleration of the...

MDPPA Joins #SpeakUp for Road Safety Initiative

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Road traffic injuries are now the leading killer of children and young people aged 5-29 years. Whether we use the roads as...