The Current Status of E-scooter (swapping battery) Development in Taiwan

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In terms of the market share of E-scooters equipped with the swapping battery system, the government of IDB (Industrial Development Bureau) originally plans to adopt the specification of GOGORO for the unified Standard Level. And the GOGORO also announce to be pleasure to release its patent of Electric Controlling System for other makers. But the KYMCO have launched another swapping system, namely “ionex” on March 2018. “ionex” is a kind of “IoT (Internet of Things)” like system, it provides the different power output based on the model type, and its battery system is also different with the traditional charging system or the swapping system like GOGORO: it combines the advantages of two system with “independent charging battery”, “swapping battery ”, “directly re-charging on board”. KYMCO also very welcome the others makers to use the ionex system, being pleased to release the specification.

Finally IDB has decided not to draw up the unified battery specification for the swapping system due to not reach the consensus among makers, but will focus on the safety of battery. The safety standard will be formulated by IDB. The battery swapping station: GOGORO plans to set up the stations to reach 1,000 in 2018; ionex is basically set up in dealer’s shop of KYMCO.

The following is the comparison among KYMCO ionex, GOGORO and e-moving:


KYMCO Many 110 EV

GOGORO (general type)

e-moving(high endurance)

Motor Max. power




Max. HP





About 200km

(extra equipped 3 spare batteries)

About 110km

(constant speed of 40km/h)

About 65km

(constant speed of 30km/h)

Re-charging mode

Parallel with charging & swapping

Swapping assistive with charging 


Battery capacity

10.5Ah(core battery)

13Ah(removable battery )

30.3Ah(single battery)


Re-charging time

Standard charge-4Hrs

Quick charge-1 Hr

(can rent another removable battey)

Swap immediately

(plug-in charging at home in 6 hours to reach 82% electricity)

About 4 hours


Core battery-5 years

Removable battery-lifetime

Lifetime warranty for battery

30,000 KM or 3 years

Rental fee

NT299(self-use battery)

NT699(no limitation)


Sales price

(Subsidy + scrap 2-stroke)


(launching in Aug. 2018)


(Gogoro 2)


(battery included)