Thailand’s Food Delivery Service is Booming During Covid-19

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Nowadays, the global have advanced rapidly by enhancing economic, goods and services market. Technology has become an important role for life and transforming the customer behavior especially the new generation who prefers to work and seek the challenges for themselves. The new generation likes technology because they found that the use of technology such as social media and application services makes their work-life balance easier consist of working, travelling and eating.The one of the most popular business from technology now is “Food delivery” service which launched in the market a few years ago.

In Thailand, the main players of food delivery service are Grab Food, LINE Man, Get Food and Food Panda which provide a full-service food delivery in various cities not only in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand but alsoservice in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hin, Pattaya and other provinces. In the past five years, the food delivery service is intensely competitive. Besides of food provider application, the business has increased the opportunities for related players in supply chain as restaurant (offline food market) and the motorcycle rider.

Many motorcycle riders interested in food delivery business because they earn more money by delivery services, arrange schedule by themselves and getting the incentive bonus from the business provider. The food delivery market’s value is expected to growth and surge constantly.

According to Kasikorn Research Center (K-Research) reported that Thailand’s food delivery business in 2019 was worth 33-35 billion Baht, up 14% from the previous year. It accounts for market share at 8% of Thai restaurant market. In the past five years, the food delivery grew an average of 10%, faster than the restaurant business at a 3-4%. K-Research also predicted that the food delivery business in 2020 will be blooming more than the year of 2019.

Currently, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic which is infectious disease has spread across the world and impacts to Thailand immediately too. Thai government has declared the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus such as the announcement of curfew toban people from leaving their houses during 10:00 PM. – 04:00 AM., practice of social distancing and the restaurants are switching from sit-down customers in facilities to home delivery.The food delivery is the golden opportunity to be a successful business in this period.

The food delivery surge effects the growth of motorcycle industry in Thailand. The motorcycle has the specific performance that supports the food delivery riders the freedom with speed for ferrying food to the customer destination on time in each day. It is observed that motorcycle industry in Thailand might bloom aligned with the food delivery business in the future or not.

The food delivery is anachieve businessin the digital disruption. Transforming the customer behavior during Covid-19 pandemic by ordering the food delivery maybe become the new normal for Thai people after Covid-19 is over.Therefore, the food delivery providers will face the big challenge to development the application for Thai people demand. The food delivery also challenges the entrepreneurs in the supply chain. Finally, the business will be the great benefit to customers.