Thailand International Motor Expo 2015

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Thailand International Motor Expo 2015

On December 2-13, 2015, the second largest of motor show in Thailand was held to stimulate the market before the end of the year - Thailand International Motor Expo 2015. This year the event was held under the concept “New Standard...The Vehicles Care about the Earth”. The Expo was held at the IMPACT Challenger, Muangthong Thani.

This year, Thailand International Motor Expo is aimed to promote the new vehicle standard which is in-line with the global trend “Environmental Care”. In addition, the Expo aimed to prepare with the introduction of new tax law based on car’s CO2 emission which effective on January 1, 2016. There were 31 car brands and 15 motorcycle brands exhibited at the Expo.

Overall, the Expo was well accepted from Thai consumers, the number of visitors were 1.47 million persons for the whole 12 days which is higher than year 2014 at 6.7% (1.384 million persons in 2014) and expected to generate sales of 50,000 million Baht.

The number of vehicle were booked in the event in this year were record as follows;

Vehicle Type Units Remarks
Car 39,125 units  
  • 7.4% decreased from 2014 or 42,254 units
  • Passenger car 46.2% SUV 30.9%, Pick-up truck 19.1% and Other 3.8%
Motorcycle 5,749 units 115% increased from 2014 or 2,718 units

Motorcycle display is become more attractive for Thai consumers at the Expo, many of manufacturers were choosing this event to introduce or launch the new model to the public especially big bike category, Thai consumer in the medium class is more interested to buy big bike as a second vehicle for their life style.

Motor Expo 2015 General Information
Name of Event The 32nd Thailand International Motor Expo 2015
Organizer Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd.
Venue IMPACT Challenger 1-3, Muang Thong Thani
99 Popular Road, Banmai, Pakkret, Nontaburi 11120
Tel 02-833-4455 Fax 02-833-4456
Expo Date 1 December 2015 VIP and Press Preview day
2 December 2015 Opening Ceremony & Grand Charity day
3-13 December 2015 General public days

Thailand International Motor Expo 2015