Taiwan Air Pollution Control Act Amendment

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It is estimated the exhausted emission by 2-stroke motorcycle and the old big-heavy diesel engine truck is 2.6% and 16% respectively of total PM2.5. In order to reduce the pollution originated by the mobile pollution, the newest amended Air Pollution Control Act approved on 01 Aug. 2018 and implemented on 03 Aug. 2018. The amendment is mainly to tighten the standard level of 2-stoke MC and old diesel engine truck, also prohibit the old vehicles to enter into the “Air Pollution Control Regions”.

Stationary pollution control: mandatory to propose the project of Air Pollution Control to get the approval of equipment installed and operation. The fuel substance used by the equipment must meet the air quality standard and get approval by local government.

Mobil Pollution Control: the emission standard is tightened for the 2-sroke motorcycle and diesel engine truck with the manufactured date over 10 years.

Air pollution control regions: Not allow the old diesel engine trucks and 2-stroke motorcycle to enter the regions from 2019; the violators will be fined NT500~NT60,000.

Aggravate the punishment: the fine will be increased to NT20M from current’s 1M for the mass stationary pollution exhausted by some reasons and not take the urgent countermeasure.

Substitute countermeasure: encourage the industry to purchase the old vehicles to substitute the quantity of stationary pollution.

Encourage to report the offense: encourage the employees to report the offense.