Scooter Category Motorcycles Still Dominate the Indonesian Market

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Jakarta – Until July 2022, scooters in the scooter category are still the prima donna in the Indonesian market. Scooters even controlled about 86.99% of total motorcycle sales, followed by the underbone category at 7.43% and finally the sports category at around 5.58% of the total accumulated sales for the last 7 months of 2,573,079 units.

"The scooter contribution figure decreased slightly compared to the previous year (2021) which reached 87.58%, even in 2020 it was at the highest number of 87.90%. But the 87% range is quite a fantastic number.” Hari Budianto as Secretary General of AISI said recently.

This figure is somewhat different from the export sales conditions of AISI members. The category level is relatively the same, but in percentage, there is a slight difference. For example, the scooter category still dominates but with a lower figure of 70.60%, in the next rank is the sports category with 18.30% and the last is the underbone category in the range of 11.10% of the total export sales of AISI members of 417,967 units.

For additional information, compared to the same period (January – July) in 2021, the domestic sales performance is still down in the range of 8.97%, as well as the export market which is still a little deeper, which is down by 10.73%. This is certainly a challenge when AISI at the beginning of the year set sales figures in 2022 to be in the range of 5.1 million – 5.4 million units for the domestic market.

“This year, we have our challenges, and I think this is felt by almost the entire automotive industry and even around the world as a global issue regarding the issue of microchip supply/availability. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and we can achieve our sales target in 2022, even exceeding that number.” Closed Hari Budianto who is also the Secretary General of the Association of Automotive Engineers (IATO). (VA)