MASAAM members attended the Launching of National Automotive Policy 2020 at MITI Tower, Kuala Lumpur

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MASAAM members attended the Launching of National Automotive Policy 2020 at MITI Tower, Kuala Lumpur on 21st February 2020/Thursday.

Prime Minister Malaysia, YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad gave a Keynote Speech as follows:

a) Industrializing Malaysia – The Automotive Industry

b) The Development of Automotive Industry

c) The Rise of New Disruptive Technologies

d) National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2020

e) Support for Green Technology

f) Possibilities in Engineering

g) The New Malaysian Vehicle Project


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i.                 To develop a competitive and capable domestic automotive industry.

ii.                To develop Malaysia as the regional automotive hub in EEV.

iii.               Increase value-added activities in a sustainable way while continuously developing domestic capabilities.

iv.               Increase exports of vehicles, automotive components, spare parts and related products in the manufacturing and aftermarket sector.

v.                Enhance the ecosystem of the manufacturing and aftermarket sector of the domestic automotive industry.

vi.               Safeguard consumer interests by offering safer and better-quality products at competitive price.




• The NAP is formulated to continue the development of local automotive industry and its overall ecosystem in order to ensure the realisation of the National Automotive Vision.

• The introduction of new elements in technology in NAP 2020 is in line with global trends and is crucial in ensuring the local automotive industry continues to grow and remain competitive. With specific measures to promote technology development in NxGV, MaaS and IR4.0 in the domestic automotive sector, Malaysia will be able to market its automotive products at the global level.

• In addition, the new technological advancement in NAP 2020 will create new opportunities that are not only focusing on the automotive sector but also the services sector which is made ready in the mobility ecosystem. The income of the nation and the people is also expected to increase if the local industry takes advantage of the new opportunities created.

• The introduction of new high-technology in NAP 2019 enables Malaysia to become one of the leader in automotive industry within the ASEAN region, hence strengthening international cooperation in the development of global automotive industry