Kawasaki Racing Academy Trains Sport Bike Driving

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Kawasaki Racing Academy Trains Sport Bike Driving

Jakarta - PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) establishes Kawasaki Racing Academy (KRA) to facilitate Kawasaki motorcycle owners who like to spur motorcycle to get the sensation of driving with their favorite motorcycle.

KRA program is held to bridge the hobby and pleasure of Kawasaki sport bike lovers who are either experienced or even inexperienced in driving the vehicle on the circuit track. KRA is also a form to show KMI concern in providing learning program on how to drive sport bike well and in the right manner in the circuit track.

KRA has been conducted since 2015 and is held for 6 sessions in a year. In one session, Kawasaki sport bike lovers will get theoretical and practical training about how to ride sport bike well. In indoor theoretical training, KRA participants will gain knowledge about body position on motorcycles, introduction of tires and suspensions, and other things related to the circuit. Meanwhile, the basic skills of riding is given directly with practice on the circuit track.

KMI divides the participants into 3 classes based on the ability and skill of riding which are beginner, intermediate, and expert class. Each participant who joins one session must follow all the theoretical and practical lessons to pass the program. With KRA, KMI expects to improve the skill of motorcycle riders especially Kawasaki sport bike riders. KMI also hopes that KRA can provide information and tips about driving well on circuit tracks, as well as creating racers who can compete in professional competitions.