Indonesian Motorcycles Factory Ready to Assist Ventilator Production for Corona Patients

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The Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association/Asosiasi Industri Sepedamotor Indonesia (AISI), said that it is in preparation to support the government in the treatment of patients infected with the corona virus or covid-19, through the production of medical ventilator components. AISI Secretary General, Hari Budianto, said it was not difficult to produce the components needed for the breathing apparatus. However, the association has not received further direction. "The role portion to produce the ventilator has been taken by Gaikindo (GabunganIndustri Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia/Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries). Currently, they are in discussion with the Ministry of Industry, academics (related to education and research), and suppliers. But AISI will continue to support," he said when contacted by, Friday (3/4/2020).

"Our support is in the supply chain. Until now, we have not produced yet, but we are being prepared if it is needed later," Hari continued. So, if later in the course of production ventilator manufacturers need to supply hoses, electric motors, etc., AISI is ready to provide help. "For example, to produce ventilators, manufacturers need electric motors or supply hoses, we will help. AISI is ready to support, including our vendors," Hari said. Ministry of Industry has encourage the automotive manufacturer to produce a ventilator, so that the countermeasures of the corona virus in Indonesia is more optimal.

The Director of Maritime Industry, Transportation, and Defense Equipment (IMATAP) of the Ministry of Industry, PutuJuliArdika, said that now there are domestic automotive companies that have begun to take action there. They will partner with several supplier and related educational and research institutions. Although the exact time allocation plan has not yet mentioned, Putu ensures that the Ministry of Industry will fully support the plan so that it can be realized as soon as possible. "There have been automotive industry companies that have working together with the automotive supplier to implement reversed engineering development of the ventilatorprototype," he said. "Tomorrow there will be a discussion further between the Minister of Industry and the association (Gaikindo)," Putu said.