Indonesian Honda Rider Echoed the National Anthem, Indonesia Raya In Asia Talent Cup Race

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Indonesian Honda Rider Echoed the National Anthem, Indonesia Raya In Asia Talent Cup Race

Jakarta - PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) rider continuously shows positive result in the international racing championship. Andi Farid Izdihar successfully reached the highest podium of the Asia Talent Cup (ATC) in Losail circuit, Qatar and dedicates this pride of the nation for Indonesia. Indonesia Raya anthem was echoed for the first time in unison with the raising of Indonesian flag, Merah Putih, in the prestigious racing championship in Asian.

Started the race from 3rd, graduated riders from Honda Racing School was able to fight in the leading group throughouth the second race. With the persistent race spirit, Andi Farid Izdihar commonly called as Andi Gilang, race his Honda NSF 250R along the race. Andi Farid Izdihar was able to overtake all riders through the last lap and led until finish line with 31’04.077 record time. Meanwhile another AHM rider, Gerry Salim, also had positive result by finished in 7th position with 31’05.982 record time. This achievement raised Andi Gilang position to the 4th and Gerry Salim in 7th in Championship Classification.

ATC is a prestigious racing championship held by Dorna Sports, who also conduct MotoGP world championship, to seek talented young riders from the Asian. This year, 22 young riders from 7 countries, will compete to race in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, China, Australia and Filipina. ATC held in Chang Circuit (Thailand), Losail Circuit (Qatar), Zhuhai Circuit (China), Motegi Circuit (Japan) and Sepang Circuit (Malaysia).

In ATC, all riders race with Honda NSF250R which has Moto3 specification. There are two races on each event, results for each race will count in the championship classification and accumulated on the end of series.

General Manager Marketing Planning and Analysis AHM A. Indraputra says that the achievement of the Indonesian young riders not only gives the pride for the riders or Honda, but also for Indonesia people.

Indonesian anthem which was echoed for the first time in prestigious Asian racing championship, ATC 2015, was a historic moment for Indonesia. This pride boosts our spirit to make Indonesian riders reach more prideful achievements in the international racing championships. Consistently, we will accelerate our riders’ competence to create other historical moments and be pride of the nation.

Development of Indonesian Young Riders
Achievement of 17-year-old Andi Farid Izdihar is a result of AHM’s structured racing program. This is a part of company’s commitment which has entered the 3rd year of staged racing development.