How to Drive Correctly and Safely when Passing Steep Roads

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Jakarta – In the theory of road safety, several factors cause accidents, including human, environmental, and vehicle factors. But of these factors, the main point is to the rider. In addition to the factors of prudence, vigilance, completeness of self-protection, and obedience to traffic signs, another thing that is no less important is knowledge of how to drive properly, correctly, and safely.

As when the driver passes through the contoured road that can be said to be extreme and long. Johanes Lucky Margo Utomo as Manager of Safety Riding Astra Honda Motor (AHM) shared about how to drive on these roads.

“The first and foremost thing is to ensure that essential components such as brakes, clutches, motorcycle tire pressure can operate properly. Besides that, we also need to know the path we are going to pass or at least know information about the condition of the road.” Unlock Lucky while giving tips and tricks.

Lucky further said that when finding a steep and long downhill road, the thing that must be done is to reduce the speed long before entering the downhill road by lowering the gas and trying to keep the vehicle speed by using the front/rear brakes. If the driver feels that the brake function is not optimal, don't force yourself. Stop or step aside for a moment when the descent conditions are extreme and long. This is very important to cool the condition of the brakes which will inevitably be divorced beforehand

When you have to stop on an incline, the composition of the rear brake should be larger which is useful for resisting the driving force of the vehicle backward. Avoid position behind large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, but if you have to be behind a large vehicle take a position on the left or take the safest position behind it.

“The thing that is no less important is the driving position. When you meet the road with a down condition, then the position of the body leans back. This is so that the grip of the rear wheels on the road surface will be stronger. And vice versa when you find an incline.” Close Lucky is also the administrator of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) in the field of Road Safety.

This kind of education is very important because there are still many people who do not know in detail about the driving theory. Many people can ride a motorcycle, but not as many people can ride a motorcycle properly and correctly. (VA)