Cooperation in Intellectual Property Infringement Projects of Motorcycle Manufacturers in Thailand

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Cooperation in Intellectual Property Infringement Projects of Motorcycle Manufacturers in Thailand




Intellectual Property infringement is one of the global issues that would be affected to the consumer in getting the low quality product which has short life cycle. Furthermore, consumer may also get danger from inferior products. The manufacturers and dealer are loss their income and other benefit caused of fake goods. Intellectual Property problem also affects to country image and confidence of the foreign investor. The investor is seeking for the effective Intellectual Property protection this is to ensure that their invent of products are protect and no infringement.

Therefore, Government should take a serious action to solve this problem. However, some consumer prefers a fake goods due to the price is lower than the original. Most of Intellectual Property infringement caused from consumer behavior that always looking for the cheap price.

Only law enforcement may not solve all problems but law enforcement together with education to the consumer to understand and aware the negative impact of the country of IP infringement would be more sustain IP solving in the country, one the awareness IP campaign is “say no for the fake goods”.

IP infringement of Motorcycle and Parts in Thailand:

Presently, the situation of Intellectual Property infringement of motorcycle and parts in Thailand is not so much case if compare with the luxury goods or brand name. However, Thai motorcycle manufacturers always pay attention and monitor the situation of IP infringement as the fake goods may cause of the accident due to the low quality.

Thai Motorcycle Enterprise Association TMEA (The member same as TAIA WG005-Motorcycle Working Group members) established two of intellectual property infringement in 2018 as following.

1. Seminar: How to Distinguish the original and Counterfeit Motorcycle Parts

The seminar objective is to suggest government officer to distinguish the original and counterfeit motorcycle parts. Target group is the officers from Department of Intellectual Property, Custom and Police. This seminar will organize in May 2018.

2. Counterfeit Motorcycle Parts Survey

The survey area and the sampling are the motorcycle parts retailer store in Bangkok metropolitan. The investigation objectives are 1) to understand the situation of counterfeit MC parts in Bangkok metropolitan area 2) to clarify the most serious of counterfeit MC parts 3) to estimate damage values of MC Industry from IP infringements.

Seminar “How to Distinguish Counterfeit Motorcycle Spare-Parts”:

On 6th June 2018, Mr. Lertsak Nawawiman, President of Thai Motorcycle Enterprise Association (TMEA) was the president in Seminar “How to Distinguish Counterfeit Motorcycle Spare-Parts” that was organized by 4 motorcycle manufacturers.

The target of this activity is to increase knowledge for the official of government agencies such as the police of Department of Special Investigation (DSI), Custom and Department of Intellectual property (DIP).