AISI Synergizes with the Government in Accident Prevention Efforts

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Jakarta – As an association of motorcycle manufacturers, the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) has a responsibility to prevent road accidents. Recently, together with various stage holders driven by the Directorate General of Land Transportation, discussions were held on accidents that are considered to often occur in steep road areas, especially automatic type vehicles.

From some data obtained by the Director General of Hubdat, Ministry of Transportation including from the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), there are special notes regarding the frequent accidents that occur on roads with extreme steepness in mountainous areas. Such as in the area of Mount Lio in the Brebes area, in the mountainous area of Bromo, including in the Canger area of Bandung.

Based on the results of the discussion, this happened because of several factors including the driver, extreme road conditions, the lack of existing signs, and course the vehicle itself. So that a more in-depth study must be carried out to find the core of the problem and obtain the most appropriate solution.

“We support a more in-depth investigation into this matter because safety and life are of utmost importance. So that this investigation will be able to find the main cause and of course produce the best solution to reduce the number of accidents.” Said Hari Budianto as Secretary General of AISI in a discussion held on July 5, 2022.

Many parties were present at the meeting, apart from AISI and the Directorate General of Hubdat there were also representatives from the Ministry of Industry, KNKT to academics. This is a series of discussions held several times in the context of intensive discussions to find solutions.

Meanwhile, Heri Prabowo, Head of Sub-Directorate for Safety Management at the Ministry of Transportation said, "So shortly we will realize the formation of a Task Force as an in-depth investigation effort that integrates various elements. But the most important thing in the short term is the need for education for the community, especially those who live and often pass through areas with extreme steep contours.” (VA)